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Intevation Foods New Product Development
Intevation Foods New Product Development - Baked Potato Skins
Intevation Foods New Product Development - Cheese Sticks


Cheese sticks, stuffed jalapeños, coated vegetables, fried filled potato skins, potato bites, blended cheese bites, and co-extruded bite size items. We are capable of providing product match services for you, and also comfortable in developing entirely new appetizer concepts for you to sell.

Potato specialties

Whether discussing the optimization of the twice baked potato, the consistently produced high quality potato skin, or the fried filled potato skin, we’ve always been at the forefront of the discussion. We creatively develop ways to present spuds in fun and interesting ways.

Items include upscale tater tots, twice baked potatoes, baked potatoes, potato skins (baked or fried), and potato sides, such as mashed potatoes, scalloped, and Au Gratin.

Special projects

We’ve always kept an open mind with respect to new ventures. Even though your project may not seem to fit within our current product parameters, as long as it’s a frozen food item, give us a call to discuss. We promise to give it a good listen with an open mind. Because in the end, we are all about solving problems for our customers!

General product types

• Coated appetizers
• Extruded appetizers
• Fried Filled Potato Skins
• Baked Potato Skins
• Twice Baked Potatoes
• Side Dishes
• Topped Substrates