Quality Assurance Technician

Performs all assignments in accordance with established food safety and quality policies, including all USDA, FDA, WDA, and SQF Guidelines to ensure food safety.

  • This position requires attention to all aspects of the employee’s duties that impact food quality and safety.
  • The employee is expected to follow all Good Manufacturing Practices at all times.
  • The employee is expected to report all concerns about food quality and safety to his/ her immediate supervisor.
  • Report to appropriate supervisor any areas of processing that are out of quality specification.
  • Weigh and record data throughout the production process on a timely basis
  • Interpret the data collected to assure that all customer guidelines and criteria are met.
  • Display appropriate work ethic in the workplace and group settings, providing a positive influence on employees.
  • Complies with work rules and standards set forth in the employee handbook.
  • Pre-Operational Inspection.
  • Ensure food safety.

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