Quality Assurance Technician

Position Duties & Responsibilities

Performs all assignments in accordance with established food safety and quality policies, including all USDA, FDA, WDA, and SQF Guidelines to ensure food safety.

  • This position requires attention to all aspects of the employee’s duties that impact food quality and safety.
  • The employee is expected to follow all Good Manufacturing Practices at all times.
  • The employee is expected to report all concerns about food quality and safety to his/ her immediate supervisor.
  • Report to appropriate supervisor any areas of processing that are out of quality specification.
  • Weigh and record data throughout the production process on a timely basis
  • Interpret the data collected to assure that all customer guidelines and criteria are met.
  • Display appropriate work ethic in the workplace and group settings, providing a positive influence on employees.
  • Complies with work rules and standards set forth in the employee handbook.
  • Pre-Operational Inspection.
  • Ensure food safety.

Competencies / Qualifications / Education / Experience / Development

  • Must have high school diploma or equivalent
  • At least 1 year of relevant experience
  • Ability to read, write, and comprehend documents relating to the job
  • Possess adequate math skills to perform work satisfactorily; including adding, subtraction, averaging and counting.
  • Must work effectively, courteously, and respectively with other employees.
  • Ability to make analytical decisions.
  • Have good problem-solving skills.

Physical Demands

Able to lift and move up to 30 lbs continuously.  Must be able to bend, stoop and reach using both hands as required to complete the job function.  Ability to stand and walk up to 2 hours between breaks.  Be able to handle extreme temperatures and wear PPE.

Supervisory Responsibility


Position Type / Expected Hours of Work

  • Full-Time, 40 hours per week
  • First shift hours: Approx. 7:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
  • Second shift hours: Approx. 3:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.

Work Environment


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