Off-Shift Maintenance Technician

Highly diversified duties include troubleshooting, repairing, maintaining, and improving production and facility equipment using safe work practices, predictive and preventive maintenance systems, and creative ability. Must be able to read and interpret equipment manuals to perform required maintenance and service, perform preventive maintenance on production and facility equipment, use a variety of hand-powered tools, comply with safety regulations, and maintain a clean and orderly work area. Effectively communicates equipment issues and resolution to operators and management. Train operators to help them resolve simple breakdowns. Ideal candidates must be able to work independently with self-direction as well as in a team environment.

Specific Responsibilities:

• Practicing safe work habits and abiding by safety rules in accordance with Infinity policies.

• Preventive and predictive maintenance.

• Scheduled maintenance.

• Corrective and emergency repairs.

• Diagnose and implement corrective actions to problems.

• Logging all work performed and recording downtime during repair.

• Consults with maintenance manager regarding maintenance problems, design deficiencies, and operational problems.

Maintenance & Engineering Manager

Statement of Job

To provide total maintenance and engineering support for all facilities associated with the Plover Factory to ensure maximum operational potential is realized.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

  • To provide direction for maintaining and operating all physical equipment and facilities to ensure proper utilization.
  • To investigate and, where possible, eliminate any mechanical or maintenance problem which would affect production schedules.
  • To take timely and appropriate corrective action to control unfavorable expenditure trends which would result in exceeding appropriation funding, expense budgets, etc.
  • To maintain and progressively improve a Preventive Maintenance Program.
  • To prepare and submit reports on a timely basis, including annual operating and capital budgets, and to work within these budget guidelines.
  • To diligently work on, and strive for, operational efficiency through McCain Quality Performance and other mechanisms for profitability.
  • To develop Departmental employee relations by continuing communication of all information affecting them and through the conducting of departmental safety meetings so as to develop a safe and healthful working attitude.
  • To maintain open lines of communications between departments and employees
  • Conduct special studies as assigned, or perform self initiated studies designed to improve Departmental services with associated economics.
  • To direct or assist in the design of Factory improvement or capacity expansion projects.
  • To prepare, or assist in the preparation of, appropriations with memoranda of justification.
  • To maintain close follow-up cost data supplied by Controller’s Department.
  • To direct the sale of salvage materials to obtain maximum dollar return.
  • To maintain and coordinate an on-going management development program for the supervisory personnel to enhance their managerial potential.
  • To possess and keep current on the most advanced information of manufacturing maintenance and the overall maintenance area.
  • Oversee purchasing and stockroom operations in order to reduce costs.
  • Manager, or his/her designee, is responsible for annual and/or ongoing training.

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